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Awesome Life Come From My Illness

awesome life 1Here is our new amazing place
I never thought before that I will spending my time in a very brand new place, and also traveling to new places. I only remember that about one year ago, I got my first hospitalization because of high blood glucose. Suddenly I felt so weak. I considered that I have to take care of my internal organs, because diabetes can very cruel to your internal organs such as liver, heart, kidney, stomach, and foot!


Traveling Through Disasters

smog jambi

Me (taking picture), my husband and my son (the boy with green bag)
just arrived at Sultan Thaha airport, Jambi, Sumatera, gratefully!
You can see the thick grey smog in front of us

Last week, we decided to traveling to Java island at 18 August 2015. When we bought tickets and booked the hotels there were no bad news about disasters, but when we arrived at the airport, our flight should be delayed because of the thick smog surrounding the Jambi province, Sumatera island. So, how thick was the smog that made our flight delayed?


Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kid
“Traveling is so much fun!” a lot of people saying that, but is it true? Traveling can be disaster if we do not ready for it. Whether you traveling alone or with kids. To be honest, if you ever succeed traveling with kids, that mean you are a great traveler!
Kids are the most complex person! They have their own needs, but can’t express them properly. Parent must aware of these needs without being told by the kids. One thing that parent must know when traveling with kids: if your kids’ tummy is full and they are healthy, everything will be ok. So, what should be prepared?



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