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Sidoarjo Cultural Parade

Last Sunday my city, Sidoarjo, celebrate its 156th birthday. We have cultural parade. People dress up culturally and festive, riding unique vehicles. They march, dance, and playing music. We have so much fun watching the parade. Our government also providing about 6000 free meals! Isn't that wonderful? I have the opportunity watching the dancers prepare for the parade, they are professionals and I can see that they are having fun as I am. I must commit that I was so excited watching, taking photos, and interact with them.

Pawai Budaya Sidoarjo

Preparing the unique vehicles and costums before the parade began. They were really hard working to show off their beautiful culture.


sidoarjo cultural parade

The festive dress!

sidoarjo cultural parade

I still wonder how they made! Lol!

sidoarjo cultural parade

Here all dancers, vehicle builders, and designers all join to prepare for the parade. They are so busy, so do I! 

sidoarjo cultural parade

Hot weather! These buffalos should be watered to make them feel comfort.

sidoarjo cultural parade

Do you know "damar kurung"? Damar kurung is cultural artifact from Gresik, East Java, Indonesia.  It is similar with lantern. But the picture in damar kurung is hand painted and have stories in each picture. So beautiful!

sidoarjo cultural parade

They are preparing 6000 Sidoarjonese free meals! Wonderful!

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