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Traveling Through Disasters

smog jambi

Me (taking picture), my husband and my son (the boy with green bag)
just arrived at Sultan Thaha airport, Jambi, Sumatera, gratefully!
You can see the thick grey smog in front of us

Last week, we decided to traveling to Java island at 18 August 2015. When we bought tickets and booked the hotels there were no bad news about disasters, but when we arrived at the airport, our flight should be delayed because of the thick smog surrounding the Jambi province, Sumatera island. So, how thick was the smog that made our flight delayed?
When we left Jambi to go to Java island, we didn’t consider about the smog, it wasn’t as thick as when we came back from Java island to Jambi. When we came back from Java and the plane was about to landed at Sultan Thaha Airport Jambi, all scenes from the plane’s windows were grey and dark, we couldn’t see anything! And there was nothing I could do to make the situation better. It was beyond my control! I felt trapped inside the plane with my husband and son. How if the plane crashed? Oh that would be disaster!
Opposite to me, my 11 yo son seems not to worried. He didn’t understand what happened and how the smog could impact the flight. But I decided to told him about the consequences of the smog, and then he understand. But when I asked him if he afraid? He said no, because nothing that he could do in the situation. I was surprised by his statement! But I told him that there was something we could do: PRAY!
As christian family, we believe that God is the owner of our life, no disaster can take our life if God doesn’t allow. That is the main reason that we have to pray, trust Him, in every situation. Ask him to protect us from disaster. And we began to pray in the plane. We mentioned His name, and we beg for His protection.
When the plane was nearly landed, we began to see the land! How relieved I was! Praise the Lord!
From this incident, I know that God wants us to learn something from our love of traveling. He wants us to believe in Him, surrender our life to Him. Our traveling hobbies turns us closer to God!



0 #1 Mary Gilbert 2015-09-03 22:39
Thnaks for sharing with us at #JoyHopeLive!

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