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July Goals: Sewing For Home

July is a month of long holiday in Indonesia. At this month Muslims celebrate Eid. Most of the Indonesian people will go on holiday. For our family, the long holiday is a time to rest at home without traveling. Traveling will be very unpleasant if done during the long holiday. Therefore, I already have plans to do during the long holiday.
I'm going to sew, make curtains for doors and cupboard. We choose the bright and contrast colors theme. I will make with my jelly rolls. Well, I choose these fabrics:
Crafting and sewing on July
Other than that I would begin to raise the traffic of my blog that tends to decline during the summer and our traveling period. I have joined some groups aimed to develop blog and social media traffic.
Oh, I rather give up on Facebook Page. It's very hard to develop my Facebook Page, but that does not mean I will stop. I'm just looking for the right formula to develop it. In contrast to Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest which tend to be rather easy to develop. It is only a matter of time, how many time we devote to develop it. Hmm... looks like I already need an assistant!
What are your goals for the July? Please post your link below.



0 #2 Kate 2016-08-03 04:21
What a great project to work on while you are at home. I love the colors you chose!
+1 #1 MaryAnne 2016-07-26 03:37
I love the colors you picked for your quilt!

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