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Oh Ship! Book Review

I am a traveler, I often traveling by boat or ferry. When received Oh Ship! for the review, I am so excited because the setting of the story as often experienced by me although not exactly the same. 
Lori’s adventures in the cruises will bring surprises for the readers. But not as the scary pirate stories. Oh Ship! is about interaction between Lori and other travelers, and also between Lori and ship’s crew. About the food of every country that she visited in the cruise, new cultures, also minor accidents in the ship.


In addition at the end of each chapter, Lori also gave tips to make traveling comfortably and avoid the stress during traveling. Here is one excerpt of the tips:

oh ship quote 2

oh ship quote 3

All stories was written in the style of humor. While reading Oh Ship! I traveled through the large rivers in Sumatra island, Indonesia. The trip became more fun and not boring, because my situation has similarities with the book, and humors also made me smile until I reached my destination.
At the end of the book, Lori encourage readers traveling to many places. I know, Oh Ship! will definitely makes you want to go traveling with ship!
And well... I start to considering our next traveling journey! I must admit that Lori did very good at motivating me! LOL!
Meet Lori here:


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