Keep Learning Portfolios & Planners In Small House

homeschool portfolio and planner
How do you keep your child’s learning portfolio?
Do I have to keep my child’s portfolio if we’re unschooling?
My house is small, I don’t have room to keep portfolio papers and binders, what’s the solution?
Those three questions were frequently asked by parents to me as a homeschool consultant. Keeping learning portfolio is important no matter what your conditions. Whether you unschooling or your house is small, it shouldn’t prevent you from keeping your child’s learning portfolio.
Learning portfolios are records of what you’ve been learn. By this records, you can show them off to others that you had learned. Other function of learning portfolio is a way to evaluating your learning process. Evaluation of learning processes should include what you learn, what knowledge that you’re mastering, and how was your learning process? So that, learning portfolios are more than just numbers matter.
Many homeschool families collecting their child’s notebooking as portfolios. It is good, but can you imagine how large your house should be to keep those stacks of paper? If a homeschool portfolio should be kept as notebooking, I definitely can’t do homeschool, because my family only have two small bed room at company housing where we stay in this remote area, no other room, where I should keep our son’s notebooking? Nothing!
Therefore, we choose to keep our learning portfolios in digital mode, and keep those in cloud computing, those are to make sure that our datas saved in a good quality server. I choose Google Drive and Dropbox as our cloud computers.
What about homeschool planners?
We also keep the planners in Google Drive. We don’t print them. In Google Drive I can edit the planners from my computer or Android phone. It is so simple, paperless and no need extra room to keep them. For one school year we will need about 150 pages planners and about 6 binder portfolio, imagine how much room that we need to keep those papers for years!
So, if you don’t have extra room in your house, or you consider to be paperless, use cloud computing. Click here to see my homeschool planners that I keep in Google Drive and edit them there.
Those planners are for my 6 grade son. I adapted the planners from Donna Young, and adjusted them with our homeschool needs. My homeschool planner have multiple sheets that separate every planner topic, because I don’t want to be confused when managing every part of the planners.
If you have question about this cloud computing planners, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


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