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Learning From Disaster

The most advantage in learning when we move to other area is geography! New culture, new area. Especially if you move to a very different area like me, from a city to a remote area. From area that is surrounded by land, houses, cars, to the area that surrounded by water.
Today the other part of the area was avalanche. Many wooden houses collapse. Thank God no one died or got hurt, but they lost their houses. The avalanche occurred because the land that they used to built their houses are riverbank. When the tide is low at the lowest point, the marshland so prone to landslides. So, what we can learn from the disaster?
First, we learn about the water landform. We learn about the gulf, cape, and strait. We also learn about the tides, why moon gravitation causes tides.
Second, we learn about the cultural aspects. The reason why the residents built their houses at riverbanks. We found that most of them are fishermans, it is easier for them to manage their catch if build the house at the riverbank.
Learning from the objects near us is the best learning, because your child can learn directly. A lot of learning subjects seems too abstract for children, that makes them hard to understand the topics.
My son has been learn alot about the city, now his time to learn about living in a remote area, especially remote riverbank area which has so much differences than city. Sometimes I feel we are in the right road by moving here.
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