31 Days Traveling & Frugal Homeschooling in Remote Area

Welcome to 31 Days Traveling & Frugal Homeschooling in Remote Area. The series will begin at July 1-31st, 2015. 
Since May 8th, 2015, our family moved from Java island to Sumatera island, in a remote area. The nature is great here! We are living nearby the river, which is a very new place for us to live. Here we can see the eagles fly! Clean water, salty air, and much more.
But we have to learn so many things here to make sure we will save and sound, because there is no supermarket, no hospital, no mall, and only one church!
But, we are homeschool family, that's our privilege! I can see that we have so many chances to learn about life, about how to struggle living with minimum facilities. And thank God, we still have good internet connection. However, my son will learn best if he can connect with his learning recources from the whole world!
I can see that our homeschool will so different than before!
Our great homeschool journey will be documented in the series. Stay tune with me, I will post to you about: 
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Here is the complete list:
Day 1: Learning At The River
Day 2: Far Away From Homeschool Community
Day 3: Go Frugal: When We Have No Book To Read
Day 4: Helping My Child Manage His Friendly Habits (+ Free Printables)
Day 5: Learning From Disaster
Day 6: Thematic Reading List
Day 7: Frugal Or Not Frugal
Day 8: Keeping Learning Portfolios & Planners In Small House
Day 9: When I Need To Know About His Feeling
Day 10: The Advantages Of Thematic-Interest Based Learning In Art & Craft
Day 11: You Want To Homeschooling In Remote Area?
Day 12: Avoiding Homeschool Burn Out If You Homeschooling In Remote Area
Day 13: Homeschooling With Moore Formula In Remote Area
Day 14: Answering Question About Homeschooling To People In Remote Area
Day 15: Discipline, Logical Or Authority Based?
Day 16: Typeable Recipe Card FREE Download Until 31 July 2015
Day 17: Learning From Traditional Food
Day 18: Homeschooling Is Not For People In Remote Area, If...
Day 19: Visiting Indigenous Friends
Day 20: Developing Critical Thinking For Homeschooling With Only One Child
Day 21: Teaching Basic Accounting In Remote Area
Day 22: Learning To Live In Harmony With The Wild
Day 23: Other Benefit Of Living In A Company Housing
Day 24: Learning From Things Around Us
Day 25: How To Make Assessment For Your Homeschooling?
Day 26: How To Teach Two Subjects At Once?
Day 27: Frugal Homeschooling For Visual-Kinesthetic Learner
Day 28: Competition, Do They Need It?
Day 29: How Do Our Daily Life As Homeschool Family In Remote Area?
Day 30: How To Choose Learning Materials That Fit With My Son?
Day 31: Vocabulary & Literacy, The Effects Of Traveling


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