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10 Things You Should Know If Homeschool In Indonesia

I’ve been eleven years homeschooling, and I never live in other country. So here are my experience, I want to share with other homeschool fellow, to let you know about how we, Indonesian homeschool family, live in our days of learning.

My son in his scouting activityMy son in his scouting activity

1. Your neighbour and family will continue asking about your child socialization
Even if you already told them, they won’t believe in you, until your child have his good friends playing at your house.
2. You should have your own library, most of all libraries will ask about your child’s school student ID when apply membership.
And as a homeschool child, they do not have school ID, and therefore can’t apply for library membership.
3. You should drive to the nearest village to do the nature walk
Most of homeschooler in Indonesia living in the cities, and most of those cities doesn’t have park that is suite with nature walker needs. With this condition, homeschoolers should drive to the nearest village if they need to do the nature walk.
4. Your neighbour will admired your intelligence, they think you are too smart to be true ‘cause you teach your child by yourself.
Math, foreign language, science, geography, writing… oh yeah they think you mastering those! They doesn’t considering that you and your child are learning together through the processes. They also think that you are as smart as school principal, because you manage your child’s learning portofolio and examination.
5. And yes, you become smart because you have to learn about Indonesian homeschool laws 
You can’t applying your country’s laws to Indonesia, it is so much different! To learn about Indonesian homeschool laws you also have to read laws about child protection rights and family’s rights. That will make sure you can homeschool your child 
6. Facebook will help you a lot!
If you are homeschool and have an active Facebook account, it will help you alot! It will help you getting information about other homeschool families, support groups, and it will help you show off your homeschool journey. Your journey will inspiring other homeschool families and you will inspired by other homeschool families’ activities too. These interactions will trigger your homeschool spirit. But be careful for being overload by those informations.
7. Do your worksheet on the floor, and read the book on the bed! That’s the most favorite place ever if compared with dining table!
Indonesia is a tropical country with hot weather, we like to do our activites in the floor, it is more comfort than dining table. And about bed… hhhmmm…we like to read until fall a sleep… Lol!
8. You must be clever enough to maximizing your small house and yard. Most of Indonesian life in small house (and yard). 
Oh yes, that’s true. Most of us living in 100-200 m2 land. Only lucky villagers can do homeschool in a larger yard. We have to be more creative in utilizing our small yard into learning space.
9. Your family and neighbour will feel sorry for your homeschooled child, but your child’s friends will be jealous to your child’s learning style.
They feel sorry because they think your children don’t get the education. According to their point of view, education is formal school. If kids don’t go to formal school, so that they are not educated.
10. Your friends will think that you are rich, they think that only rich people can do homeschool.
In Indonesia, homeschool seen only for celebrities and athletes, that makes homeschool seen only for rich people. So, if you are homeschool, then you are rich. 
In fact, we are not a rich family, our son is not a celebrity nor an athlete. And my son is a happy, fulfilled smart boy though he is not go to formal school. He has lots of friends, and we are living in a small house but very large neighbourhood. That give us so much learning experiences.
Note: These ten things are not only happened in Indonesia, but most Indonesian homeschool family experienced these.



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