Noodles Soup

mie kuah
I can resist that this noodles soup is good for breakfast, easy to cook and easy to eat. 
1 pack egg noodles
500 ml water
3 strands mustard, cut into small pieces
1 tomato
1 egg, fried half done
1 teaspoon fried onion
Salt, pepper, chili powder, bouillon powder
Boil water in a pan, put noodles into water, boiled until tender. Pour salt, pepper, chili powder, bouillon powder, and then put mustard into the water. Turn off stove, remove the noodles soup from the pan, pour into a bowl. Bring tomato, fried egg, and fried onion on top of the noodles. Serve the warm and delicious noodles soup, it is easy-peasy! 
What is your breakfast today?


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