Making Cardboard Candle

Making paper candles Christmas will soon be here! Now there are many families preparing home decorations and various activities that involve family togetherness. Candles are a common decoration in homes at Christmas, so candles are often synonymous with Christmas.

How to make cardboard candle for Christmas decoration


In this post, I will guide you to create a simple craft: making candle decorations from cardboard. This decoration is very cute and will create a cheerful at the house on Christmas Day.

Two colors cardboard: red and white, or whatever color you have
Yellow cardboard (you can also make from white cardboard that colored with yellow) and black cardboard

First, cut out the red and white cardboard 2 cm wide according to the length of the cardboard.

Second, download and print the candle flame pattern below. Make sure to measure the box that says "2 x 2 cm" until it is exactly 2 x 2 cm. If you have difficulty with pattern printing, you can create your own: two candle flame patterns, one bigger than the other. A bigger one is for black cardboard, then a smaller one is for white/yellow cardboard.

Candle flame Pattern to create cardboard candle


Third, trace this candle flame pattern onto the black and white/yellow cardboard, then cut out. Fold the section marked with the dotted line. Glue white/yellow cardboard onto black cardboard. Set aside.

Fourth, take the red cardboard for the candle, fold it according to the instructions in this movie, do the same fold on the white cardboard for the candle.


It's easy, right? With this candle decoration, the house became more cheerful and ready for Christmas.