DIY Batik Indonesia Fan - Craft Kids Can Make

Hello… here we are again at craft kids can make! Let’s learn to make batik Indonesia fan. It is very easy. You only need popsicle sticks, fabric, wire, and glue.
kipas batik 4
Indonesia is a tropical country with only two seasons: rainy and dry. In dry season the air can be very hot, so we need fan to make us more comfortable. People often give batik fan as a souvenir for guest at a ceremony, such as wedding, birthday, or cultural ceremony. As souvenir, the batik fan packed in beautiful package.
Here is the tutorial how to make Indonesian batik fan:
kipas batik 2Make a hole in six popsicle sticks, then tie them with a wire as picture above, fold the two tips of the wire, so the tips won't hurt you when using the fan.
kipas batik 1
kipas batik 3Make a half-circle pattern from the popsicle sticks at a cardboard, see the yellow cardboard. Then with the pattern, cut your fabric
kipas batik 6Glue the popsicle sticks to the fabric as picture above. Wait until dry.
kipas batik 5Optionally attach a ribbon on the wire as embellishment
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