DIY Valentine's Day Decoration With Fine Motor Training

valentine decoration 4
Crafting it is a fun learning activity. You can combine a variety of learning activities in it. It’s going to be Valentine's Day, let’s encourage children to make Valentine's decoration while learning fine motor.
This craft can be adapted for children of various ages. For younger children, you can do as I do in this post. Older kids can add some various embellishments, such as artificial flowers, glitters, candy or tiny doll.
The materials is very inexpensive and easy to obtain:
Acrylic paint
Knitting yarn
Draw a heart-shaped pieces of cardboard. Set the size as you wish.
Then make holes around the edges using a perforator with a distance between holes about 1 cm. If you do not have a perforator you can use the tip of the scissors, insert it into the cardboard. Do it carefully, and make the hole big enough to be passed by the knitting yarn easily.

valentine decoration 2

Then, ask kid to paint the edge of the heart-shaped cardboard. I applied white paint, but the color is up to you. The paint makes the decoration more rustic look. I prefer to use acrylic paint, cause it dry faster and easier to apply.
After the paint dry, ask kid to enter the knitting yarn into the holes. Start from the back-side of heart-shaped cardboard, and then insert the yarn into the hole on the other side. Do this until complete.

valentine decoration 1

valentine decoration 3

The final step, tie the end and the beginning of the yarn on the back-side of the cardboard. If this step is completed, the next is up to your kid, he can add some decorations.
Have fun!
Valentine was about love, craft with love with your kids!