October Blogging Goals

It’s been a long time since my last post. I’m so busy lately, so I ignoring my blog almost a month! Pardon me, my readers! And today I’m back with a lot of ideas to write, especially about homeschooling and DIY, both topics that in my concern.

October 2016 Goals of Living Ideas

Ok, here are my goals for October that I have to accomplish:
1. Raising my social media followers, especially Twitter and Instagram.
2. Raising my blog’s rank
3. Raising the number of my visitors
I can accomplish those three goals by posting some interesting contents that will be the answer to my reader’s needs, and share them with as many people.
Last month, my blog rank had declined because I had a lot of activities outside of blogging and couldn’t write any single post. In October I will try to fix it.
In addition, I also have many goals for October: sewing more appliques and quilting, and begin to write an ebook for children, those will be a part of my blog’s content. Yes, this is the blogger's life, who likes to write things to inform and encourage.
Do you have a goal for October? Please add your link in this link party.