DIY How To Make Thanksgiving Card In Kurumie Style

Do you ever think to make a Thanksgiving card in a different style? I am! I like to try a new style, and here I applied kurumie on my Thanksgiving card. Do you know what is kurumie? Kurumie is a Japanese craft, it is wrapping sponge (foam) with washi paper or Japanese fabric. The result is very stunning as you can see in the picture below. In this post, I will give you step by step making Thanksgiving card in kurumie style.

DIY thanksgiving card in kurumie style
DIY thanksgiving card
Prepare for the materials as shown in the picture above. From upper left: two sheets of washi paper in orange based color to create the pumpkin, white cardboard with embossed border as the pumpkin base, green washi paper to create the leaves, and the last is the most import material: sponge or foam sheet attached to a cardboard, you can buy this at Japanese craft store or make it your own, by attaching a foam sheet on cardboard using glue.
Note: I use cutting mat in centimeter blocks, you may use the cutting mat as size references. 
DIY thanksgiving card
Draw the pattern on the backside of the cardboard (the one with the foam sheet). 
DIY thanksgiving card
Cut the cardboard as the pattern (see image above) 
DIY thanksgiving card 4
Then cut the washi paper as the form of the foam sheet as you can see in the picture above. You see here, the foam sheet is right next to the bad side of the washi paper.  
DIY thanksgiving card 5
Attach the excessive side of washi paper to the cardboard with glue. The result is shown in the picture above. 
DIY thanksgiving card
Now, arrange the pumpkin parts on the white cardboard and glue them together to shape a pumpkin. Your kurumie is ready to use as a Thanksgiving card. I  add orange and black cardboard behind the white-embossed cardboard to give it a more interesting look.