DIY Thermal Insulated Lunch Bag For Back To School

DIY thermal insulated lunch bag with recycled tin tie from coffee bags for back to school

You can make a new fabulous thermal insulated lunch bag from a used coffee bag's tin tie. All you need to have are creativity and sewing skill. Here I show you how to make it in step-by-step pictures.
You will need this:
lunch bag 01Two tin ties from coffee bags
lunch bag 02Thermal insulation sheets (2 pcs), interfacing (2 pcs), and fabrics (2 pcs)
lunch bag 15Cut interfacing according to this size.
Cut fabric and thermal insulation according to this size and add 1 cm on each side for seam allowance.
lunch bag 03Attach the fabric and interface using fabric glue.
Attach the tin ties using fabric glue.
lunch bag 04Let's make the handle
lunch bag 05Cut dacron sheet and fabric according to this size
lunch bag 06Sew the handle
lunch bag 07Attach the handle to the fabrics
lunch bag 08Sew two fabric as shown above, then follow the directions of the three pictures below

lunch bag 09

lunch bag 10

lunch bag 11

Hand sewing the thermal insulating sheets as pictures below:

lunch bag 12

lunch bag 13

lunch bag 14The last step, sew the edge of the bag as shown by the picture above

Equipping children who go back to school with interesting school supplies will certainly increase the children's enthusiasm to go to school, at least that's how I used to feel when I returned to school with fancy stationery. However, equipping children with mindful activities will increase the child's confidence and calm in dealing with their daily activities with school, friends, and their parents.

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