Awesome Motorik Training From Nature To The Kids

awesome motorik training
See picture above?
When I was kid, about thirty five years ago, I often made craft like that with my mom. She taught me to weave palm leaves into sheet. It was so much fun! And about six years ago I taught my son to weave! I like it! I love to saw his excited expression, when he succeeded to turn leaves into sheet.
The weaving technique also used at industry such as making floor mat, sandals, home decor, or else. So, when you teach weaving palm leaves to your kids, you also teach them one of industrial technique.
The methods are so easy. You only need to put the leaves in a row and insert one leaf between those leaves, and so on to other leaves. Regarding to children’s motorik development, you can begin to teach your kid at five years old. Weaving need two hands that working together at different task. One hand to hold the row of leaves, the other hand to weaving the leaf.
By teaching motorik using leaves and weaving techniques, you don’t need to buy anything. Just put fallen leaves and begin to weave! Your kid will love it! After weaving, you can put it into a frame as wall decoration. Yes, your kid can do craft while practicing his motorik.