How To Prepare Your Teenager To Own A House

Some parents require their children to leave the house from the age of 18 and live independently (well, my son is almost at this age, and I’m so nervous!). Some parents have provided them with a house to live in, some require their children to work on all their own needs independently. For those who require children to work on all their own needs independently, what to teach your teenager about owning their own home? 

How To Prepare Your Teenager To Own A House

Age 18 years is late adolescence. At this age, teenagers have developed themselves towards maturity. One of the characteristics of maturity is independence in thinking and acting. With good parenting, teenagers already know what preparations they have to do when they have to leave their parents' house. He was able to calculate between his needs and his financial capacity.

However, there are times when teenagers still prioritize their choice of pleasure. For example, in choosing a house, he will choose a house in a location that is considered prestigious or choose a house based on the model, not based on his needs. On the other hand, some of them choose a very bad house in a bad area because of the financial limitation. They also often confuse the difference between needs and wants. Here they need their parents to teach them to identify what is right for them and how to maximize the money and goods they already have.

So, here are some tips to teach kids about buying a house (and also the furniture).
1. Since they are a child, teach them to know what their needs and wants are. By teaching this we educate children to be smart in managing finances so that their expenses can be smaller than their income. However, learning to buy a house cannot be separated from learning to manage finances.

2. Buying a small house is more appropriate than renting a large house. Sometimes teenagers equate their desires with what their parents already have. They don't realize that in the past their parents also started small. Then they choose a big house with a rental system, it will be a waste. A parent can teach a teenager to learn to calculate a mortgage that will help them to understand the finances they need to own a house.

3. The best homes are those that are close to a clinic, school or campus, and workplace. The goal is to simplify the routine and fulfill the main needs, namely health. Besides, having the right house means that teenagers have learned about investing because a house in a good location will be in great demand so that in a few years the house can be sold at a very high price and will be financially profitable for your teenager.

4. Buy furniture that is needed, not because it is in good shape. Some teenagers have developed a taste for certain interior decorations, this makes them have ideals about the furniture that they will use in their own homes. It's a good idea for parents to teach children about recycling old furniture into new ones so that they can buy used furniture or bring it from their parents' house and make it look new according to the theme of the house.

5. Make a checklist of furniture needs ranging from those most needed to those that are least needed. Without a checklist, your teenager will tend to buy furniture that they like, not what they need, which will lead to waste.

6. If your teenager is interested in used furniture, make sure to clean it from various germs and dirt so they don't bring disease to their house because some used furniture can be a place for hundreds of fleas. To save your teenager from loss, here are some tips for buying used furniture.

There are various ways for parents to teach their teenagers to buy a house. I prefer to provide knowledge for children to buy their own house rather than directly giving a house for them. However, it is better to equip children with knowledge and involve them to practice their knowledge rather than directly fulfilling their needs. What do you think about this idea? Write your comment in the comment box below.