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Random Act of Kindness For Teens

Here come Thanksgiving and Christmas! People being busy to find the idea about what kindness they can do for others. Kindness should be done every day. Habituation of kindness should be done since the young age. Here are 20 easy and simple ideas to start random acts of kindness (RAK) for teenager:
Random act of kindness ideas for teens
1. Talking to grandma and grandpa
2. Help father carries equipment
3. Greeting neighbors
4. Help clean the house
5. Help parent gets their need
6. Make a small gift for a friend. For example, bookmark, postcard, or a friendship bracelet
7. Feeding the pet
8. Help mother babysit the baby so mom and dad can have a date
9. Greeting the postman
10. Visiting a sick friend
11. Reminds mother and father of their needs when going to traveling
12. Make coffee for mom and dad
13. Help younger brother/sister doing homework
14. Reading stories for grandma and grandpa
15. Make tea for grandparents
16. Help mother shops at groceries
17. Accompanying grandparent to general health checks up
18. Reminds grandparent to take medication
19. Sew own pants were torn 
20. Bathing pets
Whatever your kids' personality type, RAK ideas mentioned above can be done by them. For example, if your kid is introvert, took her to interact with others in a simple manner will have a good influence on her confidence. Likewise, if your kid is extrovert, making a small gift by himself for a friend will give a very good effect as he will have quiet time.

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