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What Teens Want For Their Birthday?

When your child turns to a teenager, they are different! Not only about their size, but their taste, their preferences, their personality, their needs. A teenager is a “bye bye childhood and wanna be adult” person. They are likely to look like an adult but is not adult enough to manage some responsibilities. If the parent realizes these changes, a parent will be able to feed their needs. Even for their birthday party. Imagine if you prepare your teen’s birthday in fairy theme, with fairy costume. You will get two open eyes and one open mouth ready to protest!

teens birthday party

If we think about what teenagers want to celebrate their birthday, we should look at their needs and wants. According to a small survey that I conducted a few days ago to some teenagers about what they want for their birthday party, here are the conclusions:
They like to invite close friends and family and avoid friends and family who they don’t like.
Boys like to invite fewer friends than girls.
Food & Beverage
The most teenager would like to serve trendy foods, rather than classy-expensive food.
Boys don’t like decoration, and girls want trendy decoration, such as celebrity’s party.
Boys teenager don’t like special clothing at his birthday party, but girls want to be pretty like a celebrity.
Place to celebrate
Boys: cafe (but no decoration), girls: fancy restaurant with fancy decoration.
Organizing the party
Boys like to organize their own party, they only need to ask some friends to join and order some foods. Girls like to ask event organizer or mom to arrange the party, they need more stuff to prepare: food, costume, decoration, and some ceremonials.
Teenage girls mostly like clothing stuff and jewelry, teenage boys like toys! Here some ideas for you: for music lovers and for teenagers who live far away
Those facts above are based on my respondents’ responses. However, teenagers have their own desire. It will be better for a parent to ask them. But if you want to make a surprise birthday party, you may refer to this article.


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