Awesome Life Come From My Illness

awesome life 1Here is our new amazing place
I never thought before that I will spending my time in a very brand new place, and also traveling to new places. I only remember that about one year ago, I got my first hospitalization because of high blood glucose. Suddenly I felt so weak. I considered that I have to take care of my internal organs, because diabetes can very cruel to your internal organs such as liver, heart, kidney, stomach, and foot!
From this disease, I know that my life is not long anymore. So, I decide to do extra ordinary! But those times I felt that I couldn’t. The extra ordinary life that I could do was just maximalized my service to others. And I was wrong!
God say “no”. He sent my husband to another job, at another place! Another island! Another way of life!
So, we move this year.
Our new place a remote area called “kuala terapung” or in English: floating village. A village that is built on top of a large bog. It built of the wood. And we are not living in our own house. We live in a small two rooms in a company housing. The crew are serving us a lot! This is so much different than my life before.
awesome life 2The floating village
And I also do a lot of traveling with boat, plane, car, to other places in my country. It was so much fun! Next year we plan to visiting and camping in elephant conservation area. I’m so excited with this plan.
At my new place, I also get new opportunity to serve and teach other about life in activities that I called “Cooking With Encouragement”, it where I teach women to cook while I encourage them to a better life and better mind set. Soon, I will open my children public library here, please pray for us to make it come true for children in this remote area.
This is what I mean by awesome life that come from my illness. I got all this valuable experiences since I have my diabetes. God is so good to me so He give me a new life that I never thought before, and it awesome! I love my new awesome life!

And I can say: diabetes can’t stop me!

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