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What If Traveling Become My Goal?

Hello again in my monthly goals, here my goals for May:
I’m planning to have a long traveling this May… YAY!
We will be traveling via boat, ferry ship, airplane, and cars! I’m so excited because we will meet our family in Java island. Oh, how I miss them! May also the most festive month for me, because me, my mother, and my mother-in-law has our birthday in this month! That’s so amazing! Last year I missed celebrating together my birthday and my mother-in-law’s, but this year we will celebrate together again… Wow… We share the same birthday. (read more to see what other bloggers goals)

Traveling quotes

Psst… Can you see my smile? Yes, I smile widely when writing this! I’m so happy!
But, I should get my jobs done before go traveling: teaching at the online workshop about the online store, sewing some clothing orders, and collaborative writing. Oh no… this will need hard work!
Spread the love to family and friends that I’ll meet during the traveling. This is my main goal. I will use those days to spread the love, enjoy the time with my family. Yippie….!




0 #1 Sarah White 2016-05-18 19:53
That's a great goal! Hope your travels have been lots of fun.

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