Playing With Traditional Music Instrument

It was really fun watching children play. They looked so enjoy their playing, cheerful, and seems like nothing in this world can disturb, except mom’s call… lol! But mostly, I like to see kids playing with simple music instrument, such as triangle.

traditional toys 01

Indonesia have traditional music instruments that children love to play with. I can mention suling bambu (bamboo flute) and music instrument that made of kluwek shells. Kluwek is an Indonesian traditional condiment. It wrap in a thick shell. We have to break the shell to get the kluwek if we want to use it in our dish. One famous Indonesian food that use kluwek as condiment is rawon (black meat soup). Rawon is soooo delicious! Trust me! OK, back to music instrument! No more food!
I ever brought this kluwek shells music instrument at our homeschool camp, and you know what was the reaction of children at the camp? They scrambled it! They liked to play with kluwek shells music instrument! They ran, they hide and seek, they jump while playing this music instrument. Sadly, there was a kid who cried because her friends didn’t allowed her to play with it. Oh poor child!
Here some pictures about the kluwek shells music instrument details. You can see that it is handmade with good details. If you go to Indonesia, you may buy this as souvenir, but I think right now you only can buy it at Bali or Malang (East Java). I still couldn’t find it in other areas.

traditional toys 02

traditional toys 03

And you can hear the sound here:


So, do you think your child will love this Indonesian traditional music instrument, and want to play with it?
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