The "Aha!" of Mobile Camera

mobile camera

Do you only have mobile camera but want to make photo as good as DSLR camera? Yes you can! Read this surprising facts:
1. Aha! If you want to take photos at the dark room or night, you can use adjust ISO setting to higher ISO. Warning: high ISO can cause your photo looks noise.
2. Aha! To short distance photo or zoom effect you can use macro. You can take photo at 10 cm distance without blur.
3. Aha! By changing your position, you will get new photo exposure. Keep on trying to change your position, so you can find the right exposure that match with your need.
4. Aha! Different application, mean different settings, it is the difference between mobile camera and DSLR. I use Camera FV-5, this is an application that has similarity with DSLR on its setting.
5. Aha! There are external lens that you can add to your mobile camera to make a better photo, especially for zoom. The price also varied, from the cheap until the expensive, you can buy as you need.
6. Aha! If you are not satisfy with your photo, you can always use photo editor application to fix it.
7. Aha! You can join at mobile photographer community to raise your photography skills.
8. Aha! You can join at common photographer community, so you can challenge yourself to make photo with your mobile camera as good as with DSLR.
Have fun!