The Latte Rebellion - Book Review

When reading The Latte Rebellion I remember years ago when I was a kid. I sold everything that I can make: brooch, greeting card, key chain. My motivation is also the same as Asha, that is to get money so I can buy everything that I like without permission from my parent. But there are some differences though. Asha is a teenager, she has a dream of traveling around the world with her friend. As a kid, I didn’t have courage like that.


latte rebellion
The second similarity is that Asha has a different race than her friends, that made her often scorned by her friend. Me too. Not only by my friend but also other kids on the street. So I really understand Asha feel about her boring school.
The most impressed thing in this book is the fact that Asha wants to make a business that has a philosophical view which recognizes that everyone has a mixed race, not only one race. For example, the latte is a mix of coffee, milk, sugar in a perfect measure so it created a very delicious beverage.

sarah jamila stevenson

Written by Sarah Jamila Stevenson, this book is about a girl’s passion and rebellion. The passion for independence and the rebellion from the mockery that she often received. There are lots of Asha in this world. The way Asha solve the problem can be an inspiration for us about the possibilities that will be faced by other Asha. Reading this book will open our mind about how teenagers will manage their problems. As a parent of a teenager, I suggest this book be read by parents and also teenager to get ideas around the race issue between teenagers. However, inconveniences in the racial problem are our problem and created by society. We live in a society, this problem is around us.
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This review is written by me based on my own opinion