May Review

This week there have been a lot of occurrences going on around me. Some of them are stifling, some are fun. But from all them, I learned a lot about being a mother.

May review from motherhood today


The first was my son's graduation from Berklee College of Music. He graduated with 100% grade! My son is homeschooling, and he attended college at a young age. This is a good news! But at the same time, I introspect about how my accompaniment to him during the learning process. It turned out that my introspection resulted in a conclusion that I was not a perfect homeschooling mother. I still have much to improve even though my son graduated with a very satisfactory grade. Yes, I will fix this in his next lecture, in a more challenging lecture.
The second was on Tuesday, I was awakened by the sound of a very loud frog’s sound. I have never heard such a sound before. At first, I thought it was the sound of a heron. But after I listened more carefully, I was pretty sure it's the frog's voice. Then I opened the door and tried to find the frog, but I didn’t find it. Even so, I managed to record the beautiful voice, equipped with morning sounds in our home area: the sound of rooster and birds. Listen to the recording here:

And on this day I also heard about the public test of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesia. A few years ago I was an activist for homeschooling education in my country, but after a few incidents that made me feel annoyed, I decided to stop and leave the activity.

After one year passed, it turns out that a friend invited me to fight for the rule of homeschooling law in our country. Yet, now I am far from the capital of our country, and away from the big cities where important meetings are held to discuss state regulations. Then, what should I do? I do not know! I think I will fight again because I have started to fight for this rule to be abolished since the rule was designed about three years ago! For now, I decided to go with the flow, not as aggressive as the past time.
Here's my review in the two weeks of early May. I am a daughter, mother, wife, artist, crafter and type 1 diabetes, that's the main role I am in right now, I try to run it well and deliver happiness to my family.