Super Busy Mom And Son

September is the busiest month. Last month, there was some work targets that can’t be done, I’ll try to finish this month. And, this month also full of new work in our homeschooling, handmade business, and blogging. I also began teaching sewing to women around our place.

A moment of super busy mom and son

Teaching to sew? Yes, our home area is a remote area. There are many women wants to have sewing skills but no place to learn. Currently, I teach them to make appliques. Later I plan to teach them to make various sewings such as shirts, pants, and fabric flower.
The first lesson was successful, all students are very happy to learn new skills. From zero skill until they can sew neatly. We’ve done sewing lesson in outdoor so that we can be more casual and a lot of people will see, so if anyone is interested in participating she can directly join. I am very happy in this activity because it can empower women in rural areas in order to have the sewing skills. We will do the sewing lessons every afternoon on Sunday.

My sewing class, a moment of super busy mom and son

Our homeschooling also experiencing an increase in our activities, my son is already enrolled for online courses at Berklee College of Music on Music Production. As a homeschooling parent, I should be ready to learn with him. Read books, watch the video lectures, and strive in discussion with my son so that he could do the assignment well.
With the demands of this jobs, I should be able to manage my time. How do I manage the time? My main principle is: do it every day. No need to finish the work in one time, as long as it is done every day there will be some works completed on time. I also had to maintain my health, especially I have diabetes, every day I had to exercise and also relaxation to maintain good health.
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