This Month Goal: My Son!

April is the most important month for me, it is the month which I become a mother. Twelve years ago my son was born at April, since that day my life has changed. Everyday full of surprise from him. So this month I have special things to do and goals to achieved.

april goal

My first goal is for family of course. We are a traveler family, we don’t have extended family surrounding us. Grandmas and grandpa live in different island than us. That’s mean we celebrate my son’s birthday party only three of us.
We order birthday cake, and we plan to go outside for dinner. The same with his past birthday, me and my husband plan to play with him all day long, away from my work, and just stop if he want to. He was so enjoy our togetherness, and I really hope he will enjoy our togetherness forever.
The second goal is finishing my work before our traveling at May. Oh this will be hard! I have a lot of work to do! I have cancel two blogging jobs in order to successfully finish all work that I plan for this months. So I can traveling without worrying about my jobs.
My third goal is lowering my sugar blood. Lately I got high, it because my food that I consume. Here In this company housing they serve our food. Often they cook food that high carb. I have learn about this and should be more clever in manage the food subtitute if they cook inappropriate food for me as diabetes type 1.
I hope I can achieve those goals… a really hard goals!