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How Do Our Daily Life As Homeschool Family In Remote Area?

homeschooling in remote area
Our homeschooling is the same as you imagine. We have daily routines, schedule, curriculum, and we are not unschooling. My son is an ordinary boy, he like to play online games, like to play with others, and sometimes he refuses to learn. I am also a work at home mom, so I am a busy mom too. And I don’t want to being around my son all day long, he need his private time. Does it sounds like your condition? Yes, of course. Homeschooling in remote area doesn’t mean we have different style than you that living in urban area. What is the point of this article?
Daily routine
Our daily routine begin in the morning. I used to wake up at 06:00 am, and my son at 07:00 am. We begin to daily learning at 09:00 am until 01:00 pm, but this schedule are not fix, they are flexible. After that my son play, and I work. After my husband got home, he and our son have sports together, usually they play basketball. At night after dinner, begin at 08:00 pm, me, my son, and my husband play non gadget games until the time to sleep, at 10:00 pm. We need 8 hours to sleep everyday, we want to run a healthy way of life.
Do we have day off?
Yes, of course. Wednesday and Sunday are my son’s days off, he free from daily learning. When we were living at the city, he have two courses at Wednesday, English course and taekwondo class, so we decide to give him more time to play. At Sunday, my husband does not go to work, he will like to play with his son, and sometimes we go out for visiting grandpa and grandma.
Since living in this remote area, my son still have these days out. He use Wednesday to do his own projects on Minecraft, or else. Sunday still be father-son day, they used to play pool, or going to local market, or learning whatever they like.
What is the best idea of being homeschooler in remote area?
If homeschooling in remote area is just the same as in urban area, what is the special thing about it? Why I want to go to remote area with the aim to gaining more learning to my son if it just the same as in urban area where we were live?
There are so much things we learn in remote area. Those make differences.
homeschool in remote area
This creature, a land monitor, walk around the house between us!
homeschool in remote areaRooster that awaken us every morning, live at our backyard.
My son never have a chance to observe a rooster everyday at the city.
homeschooling in remote areaThis vegetable garden is at our backyard, a place where we play, and learn about plant
The other important learning are about our education mission. By writing our experiences of homeschooling in remote area, I want to show you that we can homeschool everywhere! You don’t have to live in a city to homeschooling your children. You can homeschool in remote area that has very limited means if you want to. The most important thing to be added is: creativity!
Oops I almost forgot! This video made by my husband, show you the river in front of our house. Very big river so the tanker ship can turning around at the river. It's only about 20 metres away from our house. This ship is from Funafuti city at country Tuvalu


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