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How To Teach Two Subjects At Once?

Do you like crafting with your child?
By crafting you can make models, such as paper plane is model of aeromodelling. Models facilitate the child to understand something. Paper plane will facilitate child to understand aeromodelling.
At remote area where we live, houses made of wood. People here have a special design for the house, so their house strong enough to hold furnitures, motorcycle, and other goods. We learn about it by observing, photographing house that was built, and crafting a wooden house!
We only use wooden popsicle’s sticks and glue. First, measure the stick as you wish to make wall, door, and windows. Than cut the stick using cutter knife. Stack them and than glue them to make a wooden house and wooden pathways (we call them “jerambah”).
Kuala Enok, a remote area where we live now, is a “floating village”, the village is on top of a marsh. So it looks like floating. That’s why the pathways also made from wood. But today several pathways made with concrete.
While he was crafting, I also told him about the houses and pathways at Kuala Enok. By this way, we also learn social study. So, in one time my son learned to craft and social study, two subjects at once! He looked so interesting!

How can a parent teach two subjects at once?

First, you have to mastering the subjects before teaching. I like crafting, so I had no trouble teaching it to my son. I also learned about the houses and the pathways before the learning schedule.
Second, match the topics. You can’t teach two subjects that don’t have correlation. Find subjects that explain each other, this will make learning more fun and effective.
Third, don’t forget to discuss. I like to teach through discussion, that makes me know whether my son understand his learning or not, and we can gain more knowledge.
Learning through craft is suite for almost every child. Children like to move and to make. Learning more fun with scissor, glue, paper, and paint. Combine craft with other learning subject such as math, science, language art, or geography and have fun!

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