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How To Make Assessment For Your Homeschooling?

homeschool assessment
Homeschooling frugally means you have to be creative in learning, and also in making the assessment. But homeschool parent often confused on how to make assessment for their children. They often thought that they have to use national standard, and even thought that they have to use “school teacher language”. Here I give you six guides to make your own assessment for your child’s learning.

First, understand the standard and curriculum

Although our homeschool is aim to make our son learn the best, not to pass national exam, or other exam, but I also look at the standard. We use Cambridge syllabuses for math, english, and science. For other subjects, such as social study, Bahasa Indonesia, and Chinese Language we use our own standards. This standardization help me to understand step-by-step of learning.

.... But don’t directly apply them to your child

Adjust the difficulty level with child's ability, although you also have the purposes of challenging children to do the assessment with a higher difficulty level. However, the ability of each child is different, and learning should conform with their ability, not to the standards set by the government.

Make clear question, do not trap your child

I often found school examination that trapped pupils to set wrong answer. This is not good, not encourage learning. All teaching processes should encourage learning to the higher level.

Adjust the language used at your assessment with the child’s capabilities to understand every sentences

Do not use words that they do not understand. For learning math, we use book that in English, but in assessment I like to use Bahasa Indonesia, because I want to assess his math ability, not English.

Read your child’s book, recognize what he learned

Do not make assessment from the fact that your child never learn. Understand your child’s reasoning ability. If they never learn the subject, what will you assess? You can’t assess something that never happened.

However, the aim is to assess your child’s capability and evaluate your teaching, not to mark him by number

These should be remember when you assess your child. Do not mark or labeling your child by the sum of their right answer or wrong answer. Use their answers as evaluation tools. If only a little numbers of assessment that your child can answer correctly, that means you should repeat learning the subject. Change your learning method, make your child understand the subject better. No need to hurry and angry, teach your child in better way.

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