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Other Benefit Of Living In A Company Housing

benefit of company housing
For people who can see the benefit of every situation, living in a company housing is not a bad idea, although for others it could be very unpleasant because they don’t feel private and don’t have a big enough room to keep their stuffs. As you can see at this photo, this is where we live now, a company housing that similar with hotel, we only have two bed rooms, no kitchen, no dining room, no living room.
But as adventurous family, we can enjoy our live at any situation. I like the rooms where we belong, so do my son. He feels homey here. And the most important thing, we learn a lot from this situation.
One important learning is about character. Everyday we face a lot of character types from people here, whether bad or good. From them we can reflect and learn how to be good. As God’s creatures, we have to be good and spread the kindness.
In our condition, my son learn by direct observing. He know the people, and interact with them. So if we discuss about someone’s characters, he know who we were talking about, this will make him understand the topic better.
One discussion about character that we like is about characters needed to succeed in the job. About honesty, willingness to learn, teamwork, discipline, willingness to be criticized, etc. All this characters can be found in our neighbourhood! That makes us easy to describe the situation to my son.
One example, one day a friend came to us and complaining her friend that was not doing good in their teamwork. After she gone, I told my son: “You see, people don’t like others that couldn’t work in teamwork. So that you should learn how to be in teamwork. What do you think about this situation?” From this question, we began to discuss the situation, and we learned from our discussion.
If we live in residential housing like before, it will be hard to find real example for characters impacts. That make the discussion seems abstract and hard to understand by our son. Kids need real example to understand the topic better. And we got the benefits by our current conditions.


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