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Learning To Live In Harmony With The Wild

monitor lizardThe monitor lizard that wallow near our room.
The mudhole have canal to the river in front of our room, that makes the monitor lizard
easy to swim to the river when it need to hunting food.
This photo taken by my husband, my own photo is not good.
Living in a remote area means you live near the wild. Sometimes, you even walk beside them! I’m serious, this is not just parable. In remote area where we live we can see eagles, monitor lizard, swallow, wild lotuses, and other wild animals and plants everyday. Believe me, they are so gorgeous!
As an urban people, I was really amazed when first time I met them. I remember, I was freeze when I saw a monitor lizard which length was about 1 metres walk between people… just walk like cat near people. And… what did people do to the monitor lizard? Nothing! They just let it go. It was so much different than people vs monitor lizard in urban area.
At another time, I posted a photo on Facebook about a monitor lizard that wallow near our company housing, it just about 6 metres away from our room! The monitor lizard was big enough, about 1.5 metres long! Guest what my Facebook friends’ comment about the photo? Most of them feels horrible, event my mom told me to be careful. I can understand they feeling, ‘cause I once felt so.
Since I live here, my mind was changed!
I (and of course my son) learned the reason why people in this remote area can live in harmony with the monitor lizard, and why people in the city can not. Here, people and the wild living in harmony because they can found their own food easily. It is different than at the city, where people have to work hard to get food, and the fact that monitor lizard can be people food! So sad! That’s why monitor lizard tend to attack people at the city, they are attack each other!
As newcomer at this remote area, we must keep the relationship between people and the wild in harmony, we are not allowed to change that. We understand that we can’t destroy the wild. All we can do is put them on our homeschooling curriculum to learn more and gain knowledge about them. Just let them live near us, don’t disturb them, but always careful if suddenly they attack us, that’s the main rule.

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