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Developing Critical Thinking For Homeschooling With Only One Child

critical thinking
Ability to think critically is important as a way to solve the problems. If this is not your child’s habit, develop now, ‘cause they will need this ability as a way to struggle in his live. Critical thinking is a way to analyze and evaluate problems, so that your child will find the solution.
Child’s critical thinking are more easily to develop if he have sibling. They will think more actively to solve the problems through the interaction between them. But what if he is the only child at home? Here are ways to train critical thinking that I apply to my son:
√ Give him project according to his ability. Projects such as lapbooking, painting his simple furniture, crafting, making some snacks, or selling snacks and lemonade can develop critical thinking to solve the problems. Arrange the project according to his ability, and arrange with your child.
√ Don’t give him instant answer when he ask, but give him question that makes him think about the answer of his own question. Don’t let your child receive instant answer, except in case of emergency. This will help him raising his critical thinking habit.
√ Suggest him to play games that required him to solve the complex problems. Games such as monopoly, uno, Minecraft, chess, etc. will develop critical thinking habit in fun ways. 
√ Discuss your problems with your child, and acknowledge all his ideas. Support him by asking questions critically, that way he will learn to go through the path of problem solving.
√ Read a book with your child, and ask him to analyze and evaluate what he read by asking these question:
Do you agree/disagree?
Why you agree/disagree?
What do you think about the article that you read?
What is your theory about the article that you read?
What is your claim about the article that you read?
What is your prediction about the problem in the article that you read?
Do you have any questions?
What is your conclusion about the problem in the article that your read?
Sometime the process is not easy, your child will neglect to do as you wish. But it is okay, do as your child learning pace, and push a little… just a little… as his best. Trust your child that he can think critically, he is just not accustomed to do it automatically. Critical thinking should be a habit.


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