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Learning From Traditional Food

buras rendang baladoBuras, meat rendang, and chicken balado
Today, our Moslem friends celebrating Eid Mubarak, as a holiday, they celebrating this day with a lot of food! As a new family in this area, we were very fortunate to be able to enjoy those special food. Here they are:
lepatLepat, made from red rice, coconut milk, and salt
lepetLepet, made from sticky rice, coconut milk, red bean and salt
tape ketan hitamTape ketan hitam (fermented black sticky rice), made from sticky rice and yeast
What my homeschooler learn from food?
First, food is a cultural sign. Every culture have special food that can’t be found in other culture, except those who already infiltrated by other culture.
Second, food is glorious! From food my homeschooler learn about spices, herbs, and meat that are assets of every region. For example, this remote area where we live rich of seafood such as fishes, prawns, crabs, squids, etc. But Java island rich of plant, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, soya bean, etc.
Third, adding our recipe collection, Lol! We love to learn, collecting recipe and try to cook it is one of our learning.
Fourth, learning to become food reviewer. There are people who paid to review food, they also can be rich by tasting food! That is amazing! We teach our son to review every food he tasted, whether the food delicious or not? What is the most prominent flavor, is it bitter, sweet, salty, sour, or else? To be more delicious, what is his suggestion for the food? And other questions that we think necessary to be asked to him. These questions will push him to think about the taste, and will increases his sensitivity to taste.
In this remote area, crab is the most delicious food according to my son, here crabs are big and delicious. He can eat a lot of crabs. My husband’s boss called him “The Crab King”, lol!


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