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Moving in a very new place, means tasting new foods and collecting new recipes. Me too! This remote area have so much brand new food to me. Pulut, pempek parang-parang fish, cikodok, dadar gulung pisang, lepat, etc! Soooo much! And they are delicious food! If we eat new food, I ask my son to say the taste, salty, sweet, or sour? Whether it is delicious or not? Does he want to eat it again next day? Why he like it or doesn't like it? And if he like it, I ask him to collect the recipe. From this needs, I make him a recipe card that typeable with beautiful design (see the picture above), so that we don't have to print the recipe, again... paperless!
If you like my recipe card, you can download it by clicking the picture above that will direct you to my TpT Store. You can also read the instructions about how to use the Typeable Recipe Card in the product description. It is FREE DOWNLOAD until the series of 31 Days Traveling & Frugal Homeschooling In Remote Area done, after that you will have to pay to get the Typeable Recipe Card. If you have comments about my product, please write in the comment box. And if you like my product, please give it review and share it on your social media.


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