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Discipline, Logical Or Authority Based?

Now we live in a company area. There are so much (a not so) new things that we learn. However, company area different than residential. We have to be more discipline in obeying the rules of the company.
1. We have to wear helmet and tag when passing the factory area
2. We have to wear shoes if passing the factory area
3. We have to walk on the pedestrian
4. We have to recognizing gathering point for evacuating if there is disaster.
5. We are not allowed to take picture in a certain area.
Many people think that our life has so much limitation. People in Indonesia more like to wear sandals than shoes. Helmet? Oh Indonesia is a tropical country, our head will get sweat if we wear helmet, and that is very uncomfortable. Not allowed to take picture? Ok, to be honest, I often felt that I need to cheat! Especially when I see the beautiful sky combined with the factory buildings. You know… the photographer’s eyes can directly see the beautiful object to be photographed. But no!
So, why we have to be discipline following the rules? If discussing about discipline, I prefer to teach my son about logical discipline than discipline that emerged from fear of authority. Logical discipline guide us through the whole logic reason why we should following the rules. But discipline that emerged from fear of authority will remain if there is the authority, but not remain if there is no authority. That’s not good.
In the company rules, the logical reason why we should discipline with the rules are:
√ Helmet and shoes are for our own safety when we passing through factory area.
√ Tag is to make us recognizable, because there are a lot of people in factory area.
√ We have to walk on pedestrian to avoiding us from hit by factory’s cars, including tractors, fire trucks, etc.
√ Not allowed to take picture? Why? Because the factory owners don’t want everyone to know about the inside of their factory. It’s a secret!
My son understand the logic reasons why he should be discipline with the rules. That way, he always discipline, never forgot to wear shoes, helmet, tag, and walk on pedestrian. Logical discipline is better than discipline that emerged from fear of authority.


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