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Answering Question About Homeschooling To People In Remote Area

Answering Questions About Homeschooling To People In Remote Area - Read this, and your smile will open widely
Almost two and half months we living in remote area, during this time, a lot of people asking me: “Why our son doesn’t go to school?” When we were in the city, most of people that ask the question will continue with other questions:
“How about the socialization?”
“What if he want to go to school?”
“How much does homeschool cost? It must be very expensive.”
…and other question…

But in this remote area, people only ask one question: “Why your son doesn’t go to school?” I said that we teach him by ourself. Done! No more question! Why people here are so different than people in the city?

First, people in the city more likely to think that there are no education outside the school.
Second, there are still many children in remote area who do not go to school. Their parents teach them to work as fisherman, or boatmen.
Third, people in remote area thought that children who are not go to school still can socialized. People in the city thought that children will not get socialization if they are not go to school.
Forth, people in remote area thought that without school certificate, they still can eat and live properly. People in the city thought that they will have no food to eat if they do not go to work, and they must have diploma to get job.
Those are happen in my country. What about people in your country? What they say if they know that your kids are homeschooled?


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