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Homeschooling With Moore Formula In Remote Area

Raymond Moore in remote area
Since we decided to homeschool, I choose Moore Formula as our learning method. What does this method teach me about education, and how to apply the method in remote area?
√ Better late than early. Moore Formula emphasizing child readiness in every learning. Parent or teacher can’t push a child to learn a subject when they are not ready. I think this point is the best of Moore method. In fact, school can’t wait! That makes me think that homeschool is the best for my kid, wherever we go.
√ Child’s motivation is more important than good teacher in educating. No matter how good you can explain a subject, if your child doesn’t have motivation to learn, he will not ready to learn. 
√ Work, study, and service from a few minutes a day until a few hours a day. This is to make sure that kid enjoy their work, study, and service, and getting self confidence to do more. Whether in remote area or not, we can do this point. We still can work, study, and service. We just have to be more creative in getting ideas about how to work, study, and service in this very different area than city. It’s been two years my son work as coffee maker and seller. He bought coffee and prepare for his friends or our neighbour, and keep the money to pay his foster sister’s school subscription. He is so amazing!
√ Maximizing head (logical thinking), hands (ability to work), heart (empathy for others), and health, mixed with real behavioral example from parent will help child reaching his great characters and personality. Health also main consideration for Moore Formula, we should maintain our kid’s healthy living wherever we live.
√ Self teaching, this means we help children to build the habits of thinking, analyzing, and problem solving. 
√ Reduce your concerns about the exams. Learning is not to prepare for the exams, but to motivate kids to learn more and to help them get the knowledge. 
√ Learning should be low stress and inexpensive, and should lead to happiness and fulfilled. Inexpensive just because learning should use everything around us. No need too much textbook, workbook. Use encyclopedia, good magazine, biography, and other good books that can bring living ideas to kids. In this point, we choose to use ebooks and good websites to gaining knowledge, than using printed books and magazine.
Here is Dr. Raymond Moore book that I suggest you to read:
bukuraymondmooreThe Successful Homeschool Family Handbook
This is the best homeschooling book that I ever read! Dr. Raymond Moore so much care with children, so he also suggest parent to take care of child's health. He analyzed factors why children need to be homeschool, and why parent should homeschool their children. If you need guide about how to homeschool your kids in creative and stress-free, read this book first.




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