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Avoiding Homeschool Burn Out If You Homeschooling In Remote Area

homeschool burn out
A homeschool mom that living in a remote area easily suffer from homeschool burn out, they are away from homeschool community that means away from other homeschool moms to hangout. They are away from entertainment such as spa, theater, shopping mall, etc. And many of them far away from family. This factors can contribute homeschool burn out to occur more easily.
Signs of Homeschool Burnout
√ Feeling overwhelmed. If you feel that you have so much burden over your homeschool, but don’t know how to let it go, that means you suffer the burn out.
√ Feeling lack of hope. There’s no other way. All the door closed. That is how you feel when you burn out.
√ Easily to get angry. 
√ Considering to enroll children in school.
√ Headache and other fatigue. This are psychosomatic, physical illness that you suffer from psychologically burn out.
√ Lack of confidence. You are not confidence teaching your child, you even feel inadequate.
√ Feel that your kids are not learning enough. You compare your child to others, and you can’t find their excellences.
How to avoid homeschool burn out in remote area:
√ Be passionate! Feeling passionate about your child’s learning will guide you to the better homeschool and relationship with your child.
√ Pray. Pray is the best medicine to every sickness. Communicate with God, ask Him to recovering you.
√ It is ok to slow. In this situation, don’t push yourself like in normal situation. It is ok to slow. After that, you will get your spirit to move again.
√ Close your book, play! Play, have fun with your kids, forget about curriculum and planner. They can wait.
√ Add more experiment. Science experiment, can be good times to refreshing you and your kid’s homeschooling spirit.
√ Talk to other homeschool moms. Take your time to chit chat by messenger or phone with your friend that is homeschool mom too, listen to what they have been done to their homeschool, you don’t have to tell them that you are in burn out if you don’t want. Listening their stories can bring your homeschool spirit back.
√ Find your me time. Reading novel, sewing, crafting, painting, do whatever you love to do. A little time alone only with your hobby will refreshing you.
√ Go see local school, and ask yourself: do you want to quit from homeschool? And send your child to that school? If you living in a remote area, by doing this you will see that your teaching are better than if they go to school. Trust me! This will bring your homeschool spirit back 100%.


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0 #1 school is painful 2015-11-14 03:07
Generally, I enjoy what you're expressing. School often doesn't benefit
absolutely everyone.

I've seen a lot of distressing reports.

If they were actually allowed to simply leave school, this might be stopped.
But rather, they are required to continue on enduring.

Parents have to be supportive of their kids' emotional needs,
nevertheless sadly several really aren't.

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