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At early days of our life in Kuala Enok, I want to emphasize the differences between this remote area and our city to my son. I take him to walk around, discuss all experiences, and of course read information that is related with our new home.
If we have questions about the local place or people we will ask to our our friends here. And if we have questions about the nature, we will look for the answers from websites and books. In addition to answering questions about nature, books also emphasizes and develop more understanding about the nature. For example, in his everyday life, my son meet water in its different forms: river, marsh, event the sea. I am pretty sure that in his mind, he has imagination and question about the water world, if I give him good story books about water world, he will develop his imagination and therefore he will have more question. The more question he has, the more intelligent he will develop.
So, I give him those good books, with one day one chapter program. Here is the list and where to buy:

book20000leagues20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

When I read this book, Jules Verne bring me away from this world! No wonder that my son so enjoy his  time reading this book. It give imagination about imaginative sea world to the reader.


Captains Courageous

I love classic literature. especially those written by Rudyard Kipling. Captain Courageous is one of his best  literature. Classic literature such as Captains Courageous will bring lots of living ideas to the readers. That  is one characteristic of good book.


booksailingshipSailing Ships and Other Adventures: Multilevel Stories for Young Readers

This book is for young readers. Contains of Jack London’s sailing stories. This book will give courage to your young reader on their imagination about sailing.
Now, what is your favorite book about water world? Share at the comment box below


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