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Helping My Child Manage His Friendly Habits (+free printables)

Now we are living in a company housing, where our neighbour stay close to us, so if you open your door, surely you will meet them! This situation is so much different than living in our own house. Our house in a city at Java island have front yard and it’s equipped with fence, we have full privacy there. Furthermore, our neighbourhood at this remote area is different, the people are more friendly than at the city. This bring us to an obligation to respect others more than before to make our neighbourhood a cozy place to live.
This is our time to learn. As a parent, me and my husband know how to act and react to others in the neighbourhood. As a young man, my son still need a lots of thoughts that he get from us. Here are what we do to teach him about friendliness:
Ask him to smile everytime he meet the neighbour
Smile is a beginning of a friendliness. By smiling we have positive attitude. That’s why I like to smile to everyone, by doing this I also give example to my son. By smiling to everyone we meet, they will feel comfort, that is one way to make a comfort neighbourhood.
Ask him to answer every question, even if the answer is a simple sentence
By keep silent when others are asking, they will wonder what happened to us, instead of thinking that we are arrogant. Whereas we just don’t know what to say. To avoid this, I suggest my son to answer every question although in simple sentence. Simple words are better to manage friendliness than no words at all.
Ask him to help someone in need
This is a skill that he must mastering. Everyone should help each others in need. I learned that our willingness to help will manage our community better. We start it from the simplest act, and when we do it frequently, it will be our good habit.
These are simple things that we can do to build a pleasant community. Everytime my son doing these, I always give him compliments and encouragement to do more. Often I asked him to write a simple story about his act.
Download FREE sticker sheets, diary, and award here to helping your child manage their friendly habits:


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